At Dr Botanical Health, we offer a wide variety of superfoods that provide an enormous amount of benefits to specifically help you be the best version of yourself!

Why should you include superfoods into your diet? Well, superfood is a term for food that offers maximum nutritional benefits! Superfoods are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They also contain a very high nutritional density. Superfoods can be ingested a lot of different ways, some including a smoothie or a capsule! Some of the most popular superfoods include Acai Berry, Ashwagandha, and Spirulina. 

It is true, the average human does not consume enough fruits and vegetables in a day… Personally, I love the way fruit tastes and enjoy eating it regularly! However, I often would catch myself lacking in the amount of fruits and vegetables I should be consuming daily. What changed for me was including a smoothie in my diet daily. Each morning, I make myself a breakfast smoothie that includes some type of frozen fruit, almond milk, and my favorite superfoods. These superfoods are Ashwagandha, Blue Spirulina, Maca, and Rhodiola Rosea. I chose these superfoods because each one has specific benefits that I feel my body would benefit from. 

For example, Ashwagandha offers a calming energy that helps me thrive each day at the office. It is used to tone, support, and revitalize body functions. Ashwagandha supports a healthy immune system, reduces anxiety and depression, supports a healthy reproductive system, and my favorite (as mentioned before), it has the ability to calm and energize simultaneously! 

I love how diverse each superfood’s benefits are! The one that always shines brighter than the others seems to be Blue Spirulina. It has become increasingly more popular over the years and is known for boosting metabolism, stabilizing blood sugar levels, preventing heart disease, promoting detoxification in the body, boosting energy levels, and also enhancing brain function! It’s been said, “spirulina is arguably the most nutrient dense food on the planet.” It is stated to be beneficial to consume 1-8 grams of Spirulina per day. 

One of the most common things I hear from people about superfood powders is “they don’t taste good.” My response to that is always a suggestion to add them to a smoothie. By adding frozen berries and milk to a smoothie you can hardly taste any hint of superfood powders all while receiving the amazing benefits they offer. I believe people don’t add superfoods to their diet simply because it tastes amazing. Rather, people know the lasting benefits that come with superfoods and want to take advantage! Our lives are so valuable and how we treat our bodies is so important! The way we take care of our bodies determines how we think, feel, our mood, energy levels, our outward appearance, and many other features. 

The only question I have for you is … which superfood powder are you going to try first?!? 

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